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Become a Partner in ASK

TO: Colorado Healthcare Providers


Please consider joining ASK to help assess the benefits and cost-effectiveness of universal screening for Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) and Celiac Disease (CD). T1D and CD are the most common autoimmune diseases of childhood, diagnosed in one in ~100 of Colorado children. Symptoms can be initially subtle and missed; however, serological markers are present for many months before overt symptoms.

  • In Colorado, almost 60% of children diagnosed with T1D have life-threatening diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA). That rate can be cut to <10% when parents know that the child has islet autoantibodies, that is pre-T1D.

  • An estimated half of children with CD are undiagnosed and untreated. This could change with a universal screening for transglutaminase autoantibody. Early diagnosis and a gluten-free diet prevent poor growth, micro-nutrient deficiencies and long-term complications of CD.

As a provider, please join ASK to collect data that will determine whether preventive screening practices should include pre-T1D and CD. The ASK Research Program offers:

Collaborative Model

  • ASK staff will screen your patients, free of charge, working closely with your clinic staff in alignment with your practice needs.


  • Families may choose to be informed of the results by ASK via a letter or/and a phone call.

Treatment for Pre-T1D

  • Children with pre-T1D will be monitored by ASK at the Barbara Davis Center; their parents will receive free pre-diabetes management education.

  • These children will be eligible for intervention studies.

Treatment for Celiac Disease

  • Children with undiagnosed CD will be referred back to you for follow up and/or to the Center for Celiac Disease at the Children’s Hospital Colorado.


EMAIL:  or  CALL: 303-724-1275

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