ASK the Experts 

ASK the Experts is a program funded by the Helmsley Charitable Trust for health care providers and families of children who screen positive for type 1 diabetes associated autoantibodies. In collaboration with our research and clinical screening program partners we will provide: (1) education and support, (2) monitoring guidance and resources, and (3) access to early treatment interventions.




Who are the "Experts" you ask?


Kimber Simmons, MD, MS


Kimberly Bautista, MPH


Cristy Geno, PhD, MPH


Marian Rewers, MD, PhD

Andrea Steck, MD


Brigitte Frohnert, MD, PhD

Holly O'Donnell, PhD

We are a passionate and experienced team of physicians, scientists and clinical research managers at the Barbara Davis Center for Diabetes. 


We are dedicated to helping healthcare providers and families navigate the screening process for type 1 diabetes. Our experience comes from interpreting the type 1 diabetes screening results of over 30,000 children living in Colorado, of which ~3% have screened positive and been followed by our team. Our team has participated in every major type 1 diabetes screening and monitoring program that has been available for the past thirty years including DAISYTEDDY, TrialNet, ASK, and TESS.


When a screening test is positive, we partner with health care providers and families to ensure each person who tests positive receives a confirmation test and has a local expert available. The expert will provide the education and medical monitoring needed to avoid severe illness at the onset of type 1 diabetes and discuss opportunities for early treatment which may be available through clinical research trials. If a local expert is not available, we will work to expand our expert network to someone in your location. In the meantime, we will provide support remotely through web-based resources and connect you with an expert from our team. We are committed to providing support to health care providers and families from screening through the time leading up to a type 1 diabetes diagnosis.  


We look forward to partnering with you!



If you have questions about:

  1. Screening for type 1 diabetes;

  2. Interpreting screening results; or

  3. Determining a follow-up plan after receiving results...


Please e-mail us at or call us at 303-724-1275 and a member of ASK the Experts will reach out to you.