ASK “World Diabetes Day” Event – November 14th

World Diabetes Day is an excellent occasion for people with diabetes, health professionals, diabetes advocates, the general public, media and governments to unite in raising awareness to improve the lives of people with diabetes and those at risk.


In celebration of WDD, on TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 14th, ASK is hosting special screening events for Childhood Diabetes and Celiac from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM at two locations: 

1.  Barbara Davis Center for Diabetes, 2nd Floor 
     Anschutz Medical Campus, 1775 Aurora Court, Aurora, CO 

2.  Tivoli Station, Garage Lounge 2nd Floor, #257

     Auraria Downtown Campus, 900 Auraria Parkway, Denver, CO 

The Autoimmunity Screening for Kids (ASK) Program is built on our expertise in:

  • Identifying children who are likely to get Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) months to years before they get ill;

  • Monitoring them and educating family members how to prevent serious complications;

  • Trying safe, novel interventions to prevent diabetes;

  • Helping kids with undiagnosed Celiac Disease (CD) to get the best treatment and monitoring.

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ASK Goals:

Find early signs of diabetes or celiac in children—before they get very sick.
Offer close monitoring, education and early treatment, when needed.
Offer participation in studies of new interventions that might stop or slow progression of disease.
Increase public awareness of Childhood Diabetes (T1D) and Celiac Disease (CD).